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Petco Rat Manor Habitat
Petco Rat Manor Habitat
Petco Rat Manor Habitat

Petco Rat Manor Habitat - Find Petco Rat Cages and Rat Supplies Exclusively at

Specifically designed with the best interests of your pet rat in mind, the Petco Rat Manor Habitat houses your pet rat securely and comfortably, while also providing him with enough space for playing and scampering about. These durable rat cages have four 3/8" wire mesh level platforms and three ladders that not only help to encourage more physical activity, but also help to provide a safe and sanitary living space for your pet rat. With two complete floors and two additional shelf platforms offering more space for play, this spacious rat habitat also allows room for various chew toys and other rat supplies.

Featuring sturdy construction, this unique Petco rat habitat includes 1/2" spaced chew-proof heavy duty welded wire to safely secure your pet rat, along with stain-resistant powder-coated surfaces for easy clean-up. Additionally, there is a deep metal base that not only prevents spills and scatters of food and bedding, but it also helps to reduce a mess from forming around the habitat. For your added convenience, there are two large doors that allow for quick and easy access to your pet, as well as to simplify cleaning and maintenance. This rat cage is easy to assemble and its interweaving wire mesh construction allows for an adequate air-flow for proper ventilation.

Petco Rat Manor Habitat

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  • Rat Manor features four 3/8" wire mesh levels and three ladders
  • Wire mesh platforms provide a safe and sanitary living space for your pet rat
  • Features washable, chew-proof, heavy duty welded wire that also has a convenient stain-resistant powder coated finish
  • Deep metal base helps to prevent to prevent scatters and spills, which reduces mess around the habitat
  • Spacious enough to allow for various toys and rat supplies
  • Petco rat cages feature easy to assemble interweaving wire connection

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16.5" L X 22.5" W X 32" H
SKU: 1096214

Petco Rat Manor Habitat
$99.99 $74.99

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