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Petco 360 View Aquarium Kit
Petco 360 View Aquarium Kit
Petco 360 View Aquarium Kit

Petco 360 View Aquarium Kit

Petco 2-Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a full hood with multi-4 colored LED lights and 10 color combinations, undergravel filter and air pump. This clear, seamless design offers 360-degree panoramic viewing and will enhance any room in your home, office or dorm. Ideal for beginning or advanced aquarists. Enhance any space in your home or office with the attractive, compact 2 gallon aquarium. This all-inclusive desktop fish tank features everything you need to create a beautiful, healthy environment for your tropical fish. The UGF filter keeps the aquarium clean while providing low-maintenance operation. LED lighting provides crisp, clean color while saving energy and producing less heat than incandescent light bulbs. This compact aquarium is the perfect desktop fish tank, taking up minimal space and requiring few additional supplies. Besides serving as a ideal Betta fish tank, the Petco 360 View Aquarium is also a perfect home for other small, easy-to-care-for beginner aquarist fish like zebra danios, cory cats, mollies, guppies, dwarf gouramis, and GloFish.

Petco 360 View Aquarium Kit

Internet Price: $29.99   Today's Price: $25.88  (Save 14%)

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  • 2 Gallon 360 View Aquarium Kit
  • LED light with six color combinations
  • Perfect for desk or tabletop
  • Changes color with flip of switch
  • Also includes; air pump, airline tubing, airstone and an under gravel filter
  • Great for Bettas or small freshwater fish

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10" Diameter
2 gallons
SKU: 1094122

Petco 360 View Aquarium Kit, 2 Gallons, 10" L X 10" W X 10.5" H
$29.99 $25.88

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