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Sexy Anemone Shrimp
Sexy Anemone Shrimp

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Sexy Anemone Shrimp

Sexy Anemone Shrimp

This bizarre creature gets its name from the behavior of undulating its abdomen back and forth in a "sexy" manner. Although the shrimp is found in an anemone in the wild, the Sexy Anemone Shrimp will also find refuge in corals in an aquarium. This shrimp does best in groups of three or more, but can be kept as the only of its kind. Requiring the proper levels of iodine in the water, this shrimp grows quite quickly compared to other shrimp. The Sexy Anemone Shrimp will molt every 3-4 weeks, despite being one of the smaller shrimp. As with other marine shrimp, this species is highly sensitive to high nitrates as well as copper, and should have pristine water quality. Drip acclimation is highly recommended.

Sexy Anemone Shrimp

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Temperament: Community

Reef Safe: Yes

Family: Hippolytidae

Native To: Indonesia

Diet: Carnivore

Adult Size: Up to 1.5"

Temperature: 72-78°F

Water Parameters: sg 1.023-1.025; pH 8.1-8.3; dKH 8-12

Care Level: Easy

Scientific Name: Thor amboinensis

Environment: Marine

  • Seems to "dance" as part of its behavior
  • Can be kept singly or in groups
  • Drip acclimation is highly recommended

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.25"-.75" Length
SKU: 1136950

Sexy Anemone Shrimp
$8.99 $7.19

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