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Head and Tail Light Tetra
Head and Tail Light Tetra

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Head and Tail Light Tetra

Head and Tail Light Tetra

Originating from the rivers of South America, the Head and Tail Light Tetra has a plethora of coloration from head to tail. While the body has a silver tone to it, each fish has a light salmon hue behind the eyes and at the base of its tail. Also a schooling community fish, the Head and Tail Light Tetra does best in a group of six or more of the same species. Also known as the Beacon Fish, this fish prefers dim lighting as well as plant cover. Requiring many hiding places, this tetra also prefers ample amounts of swimming space. In addition, soft water is preferred, but not essential.

Head and Tail Light Tetra

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Temperament: Community

Family: Characidae

Native To: South America

Diet: Omnivore

Adult Size: Up to 2"

Temperature: 64-82°F

Care Level: Easy

Tank Size: 10+ Gallons

Scientific Name: Hemigrammus ocellifer

Environment: Freshwater

  • Schooling community fish that does best in a group of six of more
  • Live plants and soft water are desired for this species
  • Needs plenty of hiding places as well as swimming space

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.75"-1.25" Length
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Head and Tail Light Tetra
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