Petsport Laser Chase II
Petsport Laser Chase II

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Petsport Laser Chase II

Petsport Laser Chase II – Laser Pet Toy & Single Dot Laser Toy

There’s just something about the little red dot from the Petsport Laser Chase II that will fascinate your pet. Whether you are the proud pet parent of a dog, cat, lizard, bird or even a fish, the Petsport Laser Chase II will help you bond with your furry, feathered or finned friend.

This laser pet toy is fascinating in its simplicity. Just press the button, and a red laser beam places a dot of light on a nearby surface. Many different pet species will be unable to resist this single dot laser toy. Dogs will chase the red dot around the room. Cats will leap as you swing this laser pet toy up and down. Even fish will follow the dot as it travels across their bowl or tank.

This single dot laser toy can help your pet to engage in healthy exercise. Your feisty feline or dashing dog will chase after the dot without realizing what a great workout they are getting. Swing the laser pet toy to send your pet on a mad sprint. Spin the laser to watch your pet pirouette. You can even use this single dot laser toy to discover new acrobatic tricks that your cat has been saving up.

This single dot laser toy is also a great tool to help engage your pet’s interest. Boredom can lead to anxiety or unhappiness in animals. Your pet will never be bored with a curious red dot sweeping across the room or the walls. Give this laser a try and watch how your pet responds!

The Petsport Laser Chase II comes with batteries included and a convenient clasp. Hook the laser pet toy to a keychain or belt loop, and you will always have this toy on hand whenever you want to give your pet a workout.

The Petsport Laser Chase II doesn’t just have to be used to drive your pet wild. It can also operate as a regular laser pointer for workplace presentations or other common laser pointer applications. This product comes in a variety of colors. Please allow us to select one for you.

Please use this laser toy responsibly. Keep the laser away from the eyes of your pets and any humans in your household.

Warning. Laser Pointers: Selling or giving a laser pointer to anyone 18 years of age or under is prohibited by New York City Law and punishable as a misdemeanor. NYC Administrative Code, Sec. 10-134.2.

Petsport Laser Chase II

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  • Laser pet toy drives dogs, cats, birds and even fish wild with excitement!
  • Single dot laser toy provides fun, interactive play and exercise
  • A great way to bond with your special pet
  • Batteries included

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Petsport Laser Chase II
$3.99 $2.39

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