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Exo-Terra Jungle Vine
Exo-Terra Jungle Vine
Exo-Terra Jungle Vine

Exo-Terra Jungle Vine - Reptile Décor - Find Natural-looking Reptile Cage Accessories and Terrarium Supplies Online at

This Exo-Terra Jungle Vine is bendable, twistable and coated for a natural look and feel that helps to create the tropical environment that will allow your pet reptile to feel right at home. It's a cool waterproof vine that will surely blend in with your other decorative reptile cage accessories. It has also been designed to allow you to create an endless number of climbing formations for your reptile. From draping this jungle vine inside of your terrarium to intertwining it among terrarium plants, décor and other terrarium supplies, your pet chameleon, iguana, frog or other herp friends will have a ball climbing, resting and walking on it. Designed with a grippable surface that helps frogs, lizards and snakes cling and climb around on this special coated vine, it is versatile and ideal for use within arboreal, aquatic and semi-aquatic reptile habitats. Conveniently available in different sizes, you can opt to use one or a number of vines to create the most accommodating and inviting reptile environment. Simply twist multiple vines together for a 3-D jungle look that your pet reptile will love.

Exo-Terra Jungle Vine

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  • Create an endless number of climbing formations for your reptile with reptile cage accessories, like this bendable and twistable jungle vine from Exo-Terra
  • This sturdy coated wire vine has a natural look and feel that helps your reptile feel right at home
  • Decorate your herp's cage and simulate a natural tropical reptile habitat with Exo-Terrra terrarium supplies

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6' L X 0.25" Diameter
SKU: 1354736

ExoTerra Jungle Vine

6' L X 0.5" Diameter
SKU: 1354728

ExoTerra Jungle Vine
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