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Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat
Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat
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Petco Litter Trapper Mat
Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat

Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat – Litter Catcher Mat & Flexible Litter Mat

Cat litter can easily cling to your cat’s paws or fur during litter box use. When your cat leaves the litter box, the litter comes along and can eventually end up in your carpet or stuck in the nooks and crannies of your flooring. The Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat is an effective litter catcher mat that can help trap litter before it ends up on the floor.

Most cats accidentally track some litter after they use the litter box. Litter can also be scattered if your cat digs around the litter box with a little too much enthusiasm. To reduce litter tracking and improve the cleanliness of your home, put a Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat next to your cat’s litter box. This flexible litter mat works like a welcome mat in front of your door by keeping litter off your floors. The litter catcher mat is covered in soft, flexible fibers that open your cat's paws to dislodge litter and keep paws clean. The soft surface of the litter catcher mat is comfortable for your cat to walk on and gentle on paws.

Another good reason to keep a Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat near your cat’s litter box is because some cats have trouble keeping waste or urine in the box. This can especially be the case if your furry feline is getting older and has vision or mobility issues. This flexible litter mat can catch more than just litter if necessary, saving your carpet or flooring from unpleasant waste stains.

The mat is easy to clean and constructed of durable material so it can help keep your home a little cleaner for many years to come. When you trap litter before it gets to your floor, using this flexible litter mat, you can help maintain a cleaner and more sanitary environment for your family.

Keep litter messes in or near the litter box with this effective litter catcher from Petco.

Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat

Internet Price: $19.99   Today's Price: $11.99  (Save 40%)

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  • Protects floors and reduces litter tracking
  • Easy to clean litter catcher mat
  • Helps keep the litter box area cleaner and healthier
  • Flexible litter mat has a soft surface that is gentle on paws
  • Durable for a long life

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23.5" L X 14" W
SKU: 1083813

Petco Half Moon Litter Trapper Mat
$19.99 $11.99

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