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Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food
Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food
Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

100% Nutrition, 0% Filler: Your puppy deserves the best, so there's no room for fillers like artificial preservatives, flavors or colors in our food. In fact, every carefully chosen ingredient serves a specific purpose in promoting your puppy's overall health. It's our 100% commitment to you and your puppy.

Large and giant breed puppies grow so quickly, but controlling that growth is critical for their proper development to adulthood. Eukanuba recognizes this and offers Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy, specially formulated to nutritionally support balanced muscular and skeletal development of large and giant breed puppies. Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy contains precisely balanced levels of calcium, phosphorus, protein and fat to help promote healthy bone growth. It also contains natural sources of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate to support healthy joints stressed by a large breed puppy's growth and weight. Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy is also made with natural fish oil to deliver enhanced levels of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) for optimal brain development and a smart, trainable puppy. Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy also has appropriate levels of fiber to help aid digestion and help your puppy have appropriate stool volume for easier clean up.

Eukanuba provides key ingredients in six performance areas with clinically proven ingredients for puppy growth and puppy learning:

  • Strong Defenses: FOS works in your puppy's digestive tract to support his strong natural defernses. Almost 70% of your puppy's immune system is found in the digestive tract.
  • Skin & Coat: Contains OmegaCoat ® -- guaranteed optimal levels of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids are clinically proven to promote skin and coat health.
  • Lean Muscles: Animal based proteins are clinically proven to promote strong, lean muscles.
  • Optimal Digestion: Beet pulp to promote digestive health by maintaining normal gastrointestinal function.
  • Puppy Growth & Development: Calcium clinically proven to promote strong bones.
  • Puppy Learning: DHA is clinically proven to promote smarter, more trainable puppies.

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

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  • Promotes optimal health for fast-growing large breed puppies
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin help maintain joint & cartilage health
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, colorants, gluten or fillers
  • Natural fish oil for optimal brain development
  • Formulated for puppies 1-24 months old that will grow to 51 lbs. or over

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