Petco Stainless Steel Diner
Petco Stainless Steel Diner
Petco Stainless Steel Diner

Petco Stainless Steel Diner – Stainless Steel Dog Bowl & Elevated Dog Bowls

Give your four-legged family member a convenience and comfortable dining experience with the Petco Stainless Steel Diner. This elegantly designed frame features two elevated dog bowls so your dog doesn’t have to strain while eating or drinking.

The Petco Stainless Steel Diner can help alleviate discomfort during meal time. These elevated dog bowls eliminate some of the distance between your dog and food and water, reducing neck strain. The Diner can be useful for taller dogs that have to bend their necks even further to reach food and water on the floor. Additionally, senior dogs will appreciate the ease of eating and drinking from these elevated bowls.

The Petco Stainless Steel Diner is elegant as well as useful. The holder features a simple, stylish design that will look good in your home. The sturdy frame holds two elevated dog bowls. Add food to one stainless steel dog bowl and water to the other so your dog can eat and drink with ease. Each stainless steel dog bowl fits snugly into the holder, which prevents the bowls from moving, sliding or tipping. If your dog is an energetic eater, this diner may be a great option to prevent spills or unsightly stains on your flooring or carpet. Each stainless steel dog bowl lifts easily from the holder for convenient transport and cleaning. Stainless steel bowls are simple to clean and resistant to bacteria.

Pick up this well designed diner today and provide your dog with a healthier and more comfortable way to indulge at mealtime.

Petco Stainless Steel Diner

Internet Price: $29.99   Today's Price: $22.49  (Save 25%)

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  • Elevated dog bowls reduce strain on your pet’s neck
  • Makes eating and drinking easier and more convenient
  • A stainless steel dog bowl rests in each side of the holder (two bowls total)
  • Elegant design will fit well in your home
  • Prevents food and water bowls from slipping and sliding

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17" L X 9" W X 6" H X 8.5" Diameter
Each bowl holds 2 qts.
4 qts.
SKU: 637637

Petco Stainless Steel Diner
$29.99 $22.49

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