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Adult Imperator Angel
Adult Imperator Angel

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Adult Imperator Angel

Adult Imperator Angel –Saltwater Aquarium Fish also known as the live Emperor Angelfish

Also known as an Emperor Angelfish.

Add some color and grace to your aquarium with the addition of an adult Imperator Angel. These vibrant saltwater aquarium fish will prove a visual delight and make a wonderful centerpiece in your reef aquarium.

The adult Imperator Angel, also known as a live Emperor Angelfish, is one of the most stunning saltwater aquarium fish available. Adults are known for the rich blue and bright yellow stripes across their body. This design culminates in a colorful tail that can range from yellow to orange. This fish also features a white mouth, a blue-black mask across the eyes and a dark band that sweeps up from the pectoral fin.

Take care to provide your adult Imperator Angel with a comfortable and safe environment where your pet can really feel at home. This saltwater aquarium fish is a solitary pet and prefers plenty of space to define a territory. Live Emperor Angelfish feel most secure when they have rockwork they can dash behind or deep caves to hide in. These angelfish also like to nip at corals and clam mantels, so introduce them to your reefs with care.

Live Emperor Angelfish are a territorial species and easily startled by other fish that wander in their space. For this reason, aquarists are encouraged to provide their angel with a large tank, quality water and an environment that is not overly crowded with other tank mates. Aquarists should also consider only keeping a single angelfish at a time. When it’s time to eat, angelfish appreciate a few different foods, including spirulina, marine algae and frozen shrimp.

Enjoy the bold and colorful beauty this angelfish adds to your underwater masterpiece.

Adult Imperator Angel

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Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Reef Safe: With Caution

Family: Pomacanthidae

Native To: Coral Sea, Indo-Pacific, Maldives, Sri Lanka

Diet: Omnivore

Adult Size: Up to 12"

Temperature: 72 - 78°F

Water Parameters: sg 1.020-1.026; pH 8.1-8.4; dKH 8-12

Care Level: Moderate

Tank Size: 55+ gallons

Scientific Name: Pomacanthus imperator

Environment: Marine

  • The Imperator Angel, a.k.a. live Emperor Angelfish, needs plenty of variety in its diet
  • One of the larger and more colorful angelfish
  • This saltwater aquarium fish does best in a tank with plenty of hiding spots

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