Kaytee Fiesta Food for Chinchillas
Kaytee Fiesta Food for Chinchillas
Kaytee Fiesta Food for Chinchillas

Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas – Premium Chinchilla Food

Feed your chinchilla just what she wants and needs with Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas. This fortified mix of high fiber hay, healthful whole grains, and dried veggies and fruits is just what your chinchilla needs to live a happy, healthy life. Fiesta MAX chinchilla food is full of nutrients essential to your small pet’s health, including: balanced Omega-3 fatty acids that help develop healthy coats; antioxidants to boost the immune system and fight illness; and insoluble fiber to keep that digestive system on track.

Chinchilla owners know that their little furry friend has a particularly sensitive digestive system. High moisture and super fatty foods, those that chinchillas are not naturally accustomed to eating, can make them ill. That’s why top quality Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas is designed with a variety of fortified nutritional ingredients to give your small pet just what she needs. The high fiber portions of this chinchilla food are good for her, and the sweeter dried foods taste good to her. The balance of healthy fiber and tasty treats keeps her eating what’s good for her but doesn’t hurt her little tummy.

In the wild, chinchillas have adapted to survive on little because food can be sparse in their mountain habitats. Similarly, their domesticated relatives are naturally light eaters, so it can be easy to overfeed a pet chinchilla. It’s important to give her only as much chinchilla food as is recommended by the manufacturer (usually just a couple of tablespoons per day). Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas is available in a 2.5 pound resealable package; store it in a cool, dry place or freeze it for long term use! Be sure to shop for Kaytee Fiesta MAX pet food and all of your other essential chinchilla supplies at petco.com.

Kaytee Fiesta Food for Chinchillas

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  • Fiesta MAX chinchilla food keeps pets healthy and happy
  • DHA Omega-3 supports the heart, brain and eyes
  • Prebiotics and probiotics aid in digestive health
  • 2.5 pound bag is resealable for freshness

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Kaytee Fiesta Food for Chinchillas
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