Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls
Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls
Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls

Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls -- Edible Rawhide Bones and Healthy Rawhide Dog Chews

Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls are composed of rawhide that has been made with no chemicals from quality, safe and non-toxic beef hides. These 100% edible rawhide dog chews have the added benefits of vitamin E and Omega fatty acids for a healthy coat. In addition, providing your pampered pooches with these unique dog rawhide bones can help to maintain good oral hygiene. These unique rawhide rolls not only help to satisfy your dog's need to gnaw and to chew, but they also help to promote healthy canine teeth and gums by assisting in the reduction of tartar and plaque. Whether you want to give your favorite four-legged friends something to keep them occupied and content or you want to provide them with a safe and non-toxic treat that will supplement their regular in-take of vitamin E and Omega fatty acids, you cannot go wrong with these retriever rolls. As you watch your dog's delight in chewing on one of these hearty rawhide rolls, you can rest assured knowing that tartar and plaque build-up is also being reduced by each bite into these healthy rawhide rolls.

Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls

Internet Price: $9.99 - $31.97   Today's Price: $5.99 - $19.18  (Save up to 40%)

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  • 100% beef hide and fortified with vitamin E and Omega fatty acids
  • Edible rawhide bones that help to promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Feature a basting process specially formulated to help promote healthy skin and coat
  • Rawhide dog chews that fight plaque and satisfy your dog's urge to chew

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10" Length
Pack of 2 bones
SKU: 365793

Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls
$9.99 $5.99
Repeat Delivery Price: $6.39

10" Length
4 Packs of 2 bones
SKU: 365793M4

Petco Healthy-Hide Retriever Rolls
$31.97 $19.18
Repeat Delivery Price: $23.97

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