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Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food
Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food
Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food is specifically formulated for adult small breed dogs (9-22 lbs.) from 10 months to 8 years old. Because they live mainly indoors the indoor dog's daily energy output may be very low. This indoor lifestyle and lower activity level can increase the risk of obesity in the small breed dog, who is already predisposed to extra weight gain. Lack of exercise can also slow intestinal transit, contributing to poor digestive health.

High Digestibility
Contains highly digestible proteins to ensure proper nutrient absorption and help avoid constipation and intestinal fermentation sometimes associated with indoor lifestyles.

Body Condition
Promotes an ideal bodyweight for the small breed dog who can be genetically predisposed to being overweight. This can be accentuated by an indoor, often sedentary, lifestyle. Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food provides an appropriate balance between calorie intake and the actual energy requirements of a small breed dog. This lower fat diet can help to prevent the risk of obesity and help maintain optimal body weight.

Tartar Reduction
Supports healthy oral hygiene for the small breed dog. Because the small breed dog has small jaws, it has increased bucco-dental sensitivity caused by the deposit of dental plaque and tartar formation. This results in inflamed gums, or even loosening of the teeth and bad breath. MINI Indoor Adult contains tartar reduction, an innovation that helps to maintain good bucco-dental hygiene. The texture of the kibbles has been specially designed to produce a brushing effect reducing the formation of dental plaque.

Waste Odor Reduction
Fecal smells result from the presence of about 200 volatile compounds. These compounds are formed during bacterial breakdown of the contents in the large intestines. MINI Indoor Adult stimulates the good digestive flora, helps to protect the intestinal mucosa, absorbs toxins and contributes to the reduction of stool odors.

Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food

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  • Complete and balanced diet for small breed dogs (9-22 lbs.) who live exclusively indoors
  • Specially formulated for digestive safety, weight management and joint maintenance

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Royal Canin MINI Indoor Adult Dog Food, 3 lbs.
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