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Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen

Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen - Bird Play Gym and Bird Play Tray from petco.com

Engage and exercise your pet bird with the Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen. This brightly colored bird play gym is just what your pet needs to have a great time when outside of his cage. This sturdy structure is ideal for exercising your pet, creating quality pet-parent time, and stimulating your bird to keep him healthy and relaxed.

The Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen is a playground and exercise tray all in one. It is designed specifically for cockatiels and small to medium parrots including conures. The horizontal dowels are arranged to create a spiral staircase leading up to the top beam. The bowl at the top can hold water or a treat for your bird when he goes all the way up. Dangling from the beam is a fun hanging toy with a bell on the end - perfect for cockatiels and other birds that love the bell's light jingling noise.

The Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen gives you the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your bird outside of his cage. You can work with him to get used to the new toy and colors as well as help him stretch himself to hop or step from one rung to the next. It may take him a little while to learn how to move up the spiral staircase on the bird play tray, but it'll be well worth it. You can use this bird play gym to keep your pet happy and healthy.

The Big Steps bird play tray is made with a compact design; this saves space both when you and your pet are using it and when it is stored away. The laminated base is easy to wipe down in case any food debris or pet waste gets on it.

This bird play gym is made with solid hardwood parts; some easy assembly is required. The bird play tray is painted with 100% safe FD&C colors.

Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen

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  • Big steps bird play gym specially designed for your cockatiel or small to medium parrot
  • Bird play tray gives your bird the exercise and stimulation he needs to stay happy and healthy
  • Constructed of solid hardwood parts using 100% safe FD&C colors
  • Parts included as shown

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19" L X 14.5" W
SKU: 189375



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