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EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro
EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro
EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro

EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro

The effective weapon against dirt and debris

A well-kept aquarium radiates crystal-clear cleanliness right down to the gravel bed. However, sinking dirt particles, plant debris and organic residues repeatedly form an ugly layer of sludge. This provides the breeding ground for unwanted substances which pollute the water.

One should therefore thoroughly clean the surface of the gravel at regular intervals and remove the dirt particles around plant roots, stones and corners. The newly developed EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro is therefore an ideal helping hand.

In principle this handy tool functions like a conventional vacuum cleaner: The powerful pump sucks the dirty water from the bottom via the suction jet into the integrated filter element. Here the dirt particles are reliably caught and removed from the water.

  • Battery operation
  • Working duration of up to 4 hours
  • Easy handling
  • Integrated, easy-to-clean filter element
  • Powerful suction pump
  • Suction jet with extension element
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater
  • Supplied complete with batteries

EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro

Internet Price: $65.99

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  • For quick and thorough removal of sludge and dirt layers on the gravel
  • Powerful and maintenance-free suction pump
  • Complete with batteries

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24" Length
SKU: 365670

EHEIM Quick-Vac Pro

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