how would your back feel if you slept on the floor last night?

Blankets aren’t enough. Just as a good mattress is a key part of your wellness, the proper pet bed supports the long-term health of your pet. Muscle fatigue and joint damage are a real threat that can be easily avoided with a Snoozer crate bed or pet bed.

You’ll soon notice an improvement in your pets demeanor as he experiences the restorative sleep found in a Snoozer pet bed.

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Designed to manage heat and moisture, Outlast ® technology is the only one of its kind on the market.

Originally developed for NASA, this patented technology absorbs excess heat and stores it until there is a change in temperature, then releases it as needed.

In pet bedding, Outlast ® technology helps manage the buildup of heat by mitigating temperature swings to balance temperature, keeping pets not too hot, not too cold®.

Outlast Pet Beds vs Traditional Pet Beds

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