From Our Family to Yours

When it comes to NUTRO® Pet Food, we’re committed to providing dogs and cats with the highest quality and best nutrition nature has to offer.

  • We’ve been a leader in pet nutrition since 1926.
  • Our great-tasting, natural ingredients help provide healthy, balanced nutrition.
  • A dedicated team of world-class scientists and pet nutritionists develop our tailored formulas to provide the right nutrients for every life stage and health condition.
  • No one invests more in pet-food safety and quality than we do.

With our expert knowledge, natural ingredients and high standards, choose us to help your pet achieve optimal health.

Benefits for Dogs

We guarantee health benefits you can actually see. Some brands only deliver against one or two of our benefits. With NUTRO® Dry Dog Food, you know you’ll get the best natural nutrition available for your dog.

Benefits for Cats

Cats naturally prefer what’s good for them. That’s why we offer NUTRO® Cat Food with a variety of distinct textures and animal proteins to satisfy cats while promoting real health benefits.

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