Great Taste and Variety

New NATURAL CHOICE® Cat Food Formulas offer your cat a great taste and a wide variety of textures. Cats
naturally prefer what’s good for them, so we’re bringing you new formulas with natural ingredients, great tastes and
a variety of new textures.

Great Taste
  • Real poultry or fish is the #1 ingredient in our dry and loaf
    formulas for a taste your cat will find irresistible.
  • Our dry formulas feature five animal proteins:
    real chicken, turkey, salmon, duck or white fish.
  • Our grain free canned formulas come in eight different
    animal proteins that can create 15 protein combinations.
A Variety of Textures
  • Our grain free canned formulas come in a variety of textures:
    • Our sliced and minced textures are designed with meaty
      pieces that cats can easily pick up with their tongues.
    • The delicious chunky loaf texture has real, shredded meaty
      chunks right in the loaf.
    • Our soft loaf texture is designed to be lap-able and
      easily stick to cats’ tongues.

Give your cat the natural nutrition they need and the enjoyment that comes with great texture
and taste. We’re so certain your cat will love our new formulas that we guarantee it — or your
money back.

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