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Cats naturally prefer what's best for them. NUTRO® Cat Food features real poultry or fish as the #1 ingredient in our dry and loaf formulas and includes other high-quality, whole ingredients for a superior taste. Give your cat the natural nutrition they need and the enjoyment that comes with great texture and taste.

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Nutro Cat Kitten
  • Our #1 ingredient is chicken for building
    strong muscles.
  • DHA promotes brain and eye development.
  • Calcium helps with strong bone and
    teeth development.
  • Advanced antioxidants support
    healthy immunity.
  • A high level of omega fatty acids provides
    healthy skin and soft fur.
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Nutro Cat Adult
  • Real poultry or fish promote strong muscles
    and a great taste.
  • Natural oils help your cat have soft, shiny fur.
  • We use natural ingredients with added vitamins,
    minerals and other nutrients.
  • Our formulas contain no artificial colors, flavors
    or preservatives.
  • Our cat food is rich in natural oils for soft,
    shiny fur.
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Nutro Cat Senior
  • Our #1 ingredient is chicken or white fish for
    muscle mass and mobility.
  • Our natural fiber blend helps minimize
    hairball formation.
  • Whole brown rice supports digestion in
    older cats.
  • Omega fatty acids and taurine help support
    heart health in senior cats.
  • Our cat food is rich in natural oils for soft,
    shiny fur.
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