Wholesome, Healthy Treats
Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® has a complete line of healthy dog treats, from Natural Balance® Limited Ingredient Formulas allergy treats to our Healthy Bones™ gourmet treats! Our vegetarian Bear Biscuits™, originally formulated for bears in zoos and sanctuaries, are made of only healthy grains and vegetables!

We have also added Small-Breed-Sized Treats to our L.I.D.™ formulas and Healthy Bones treats for a complete line of foods for your dog or puppy! And for the multi-dog household, our Potato & Duck Treats also come in a large 28 oz. bag size!

For training, try our Lamb Formula Roll-A-Rounds™, which are meaty and delicious, crunchy baked treats.

Our products contain no artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or bleached ingredients.
Natural Balance dog treats
Dog Treats
When it comes to rewarding your dog, give them treats that taste good and are good for them. With our variety of natural dog treats, you can give your pooch healthy dog treats as a reward for good behavior.
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Natural Balance cat treats
Cat Treats
Healthy treats with a flavor your cat can't resist!
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