A selective group.

The dog and cat food brands that meet our Natural Nutrition requirements contain selective natural ingredients that contribute to the overall health and wellness of your pet.

Pure and simple.

Our Natural Nutrition brands contain recognizable whole food ingredients, like meats, fruits and vegetables. Best of all, Natural Nutrition is free of unnecessary chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Consider sensitivities.

Does your pet battle food sensitivities? Unique protein sources like venison or duck can make a big difference in your pet's diet. Plus, Natural Nutrition brands offer many healthful ingredients that can support your pet's needs, from skin & coat to digestion.

All Natural Nutrition brands must meet the following Petco Certified Nutrition Checklist categories:

Contains quality ingredients

Meets AAFCO* nutrition standards *Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc.

Contains high-quality meat proteins as a primary ingredient (except vegetarian formulas)

Contains nutrients from recognizable whole food sources

Contains no unnecessary chemicals, preservatives or additives

Explore Petco Certified Nutrition

Use our Petco Certified Nutrition charts to find the right nutrition solution for your dog or cat.

Use the guide below to learn exactly what to look for when shopping for dog or cat food.

What are the protein sources?
Specific animal-based proteins such as chicken, lamb or salmon tend to be of higher quality than poultry, meat or fish by-products.
What are the carbohydrate sources?
Carbohydrates should come from high-quality sources such as rice, oats or potatoes.
What are the fat sources?
Fats should come from high-quality natural sources such as chicken fat, flaxseed oil or salmon oil.
What are the natural food sources?
Natural whole food ingredients (such as grains, fruits or vegetables) are easily recognizable in your pet's food and provide vitamins and minerals, as well as specific health benefits.