High-quality nutrition.

The dog and cat food brands that meet our Advanced Nutrition requirements are scientifically-formulated with high-quality nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Tailor-made for your pet.

Not all dogs and cats are the same. That's why Advanced Nutrition brands are available in a variety of formulas tailored to fit your pet's life stage, breed or activity level. You'll also find options that offer solutions to specific pet conditions like sensitive stomach, skin & coat and weight management.

Less waste to scoop.

With food in the Advanced Nutrition category, you don't have to feed your pet as much of it, which means less waste for you to pick up.

All Advanced Nutrition brands must meet the following Petco Certified Nutrition Checklist categories:

Contains quality ingredients

Meets AAFCO* nutrition standards *Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc.

Contains high-quality meat proteins as a primary ingredient (Except Vegetarian Formulas)

Scientifically-formulated to have consistent nutrients in every bite

Scientifically-formulated to meet specific pet needs

Explore Petco Certified Nutrition

Use our Petco Certified Nutrition charts to find the right nutrition solution for your dog or cat.

Use the guide below to learn exactly what to look for when shopping for dog or cat food.

What are the protein sources?
A specific animal-based protein such as chicken meal tends to be of higher quality than poultry meal.
What are the carbohydrate sources?
Carbohydrates should come from high-quality sources such as whole grains.
What are the fat sources?
Fats should come from high-quality sources such as chicken fat or fish oil.