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Bil Jac is the Right Choice for:

High Quality Protein

  • Primary protein sources are real chicken and real chicken organs.
  • No corn gluten meal, no wheat gluten meal, no rice protein concentrate, no less expensive proteins to attain label guarantees.

Natural Fat Sources

  • Real chicken provides a natural source of fat.
  • No sprayed-on rendered fat (check our ingredient list, no fat added)

High Quality Carbohydrates (no fillers)

  • Finely ground corn meal is slowly cooked for over 40 minutes (not flash-cooked by conventional extrusion).
  • Slow-cooking process helps make carbohydrates more digestible.
  • Research shows corn fed to dogs produces a lower glycemic index than certain carbohydrates, including rice.

Bil-Jac Nutri-Lock Slow Cook Process

  • Cooked slowly at controlled temperatures
  • Gentle moisture removal (vacuum drying) to help avoid heat damage to essential amino acids
  • Creates a great tasting food dogs love
Old Bil-Jac Van

Bil-Jac is a Family Owned Company Since 1947

We make your dog’s food ourselves, in our own family owned and family operated plants. We are not a corporate conglomerate. Nor are we a marketing-only company, which does not manufacture their own product.

Brothers Bill and Jack Kelly started Bil-Jac over 65 years ago. The Kelly’s have perfected their exclusive nutrient protection technology that has revolutionized the way dog food is made.

Just like you, we come home to that joyous reunion with our dogs every night and that’s what drives us to make the most nutritious dog food available.

Old Bil-Jac Van with Men