Your dog is a carnivore – a meat eating animal. That’s why Bil-Jac starts with more real, fresh chicken. So much fresh, high-quality chicken that, unlike other dog foods, we actually tell you how much we use. In fact, 25 lbs. of fresh chicken is used to make a 30 lb. bag of food.
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Bil Jac is the Right Choice for:

Man and Woman with Dog
  • Pet lovers who want outstanding nutrition as well as results from their dog food.
  • Pet lovers who are concerned about their dog’s skin and coat.
  • Pet lovers who are concerned about their dog’s sensitive stomach or digestive stress.
  • Pet lovers of finicky/picky dogs.

We truly believe that after feeding Bil-Jac for just a few weeks, you’ll see the difference in the way your dog looks and feels: the famous Bil-Jac “show-ring” coat, defined muscle tone, alert eyes and improved vitality. And you’ll see how much your dog prefers the taste of Bil-Jac’s real, fresh chicken formula. WE GUARANTEE IT!

The Unique Bil-Jac Nutri-Lock Slow Cook Process

The Benefits of Bil-Jac

Celebrity Dogs Love Bil-Jac Products

Our proprietary manufacturing process is completely different from all the other leading dry foods you’ve tried because Bil-Jac believes your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients will depend on how it is prepared.

Bil-Jac is able to use more fresh chicken because it is not extruded. When a food is extruded, it is cooked with high temperatures and high pressure. Extruding a food limits the amount of fresh chicken or meat that can be used.

The ingredients in Bil-Jac are slow cooked in small, hand-crafted batches at precise, controlled temperatures.

  • - Proprietary processing helps preserve key nutrients, like heat sensitive amino acids, so your dog can use them
  • - High-quality nutrition means you’ll see the results from the inside out
  • - Gentle cooking also helps preserve the great chicken taste