jump in, live intentionally, relish life with your best friends

At Bergan™ we believe your pet should be a part of not only your everyday life but your active life as well. Our product line offers innovative items for the entire pet family. From keeping your cats active and entertained with cat toys such as the Starchaser™ , Turbo Track™ or the new Catnip Cyclone™ to giving your dog the best night’s sleep with the Dog’s Bed™ we have quality and value in mind.

Bergan™ has all of your feeding and watering needs covered with a variety of elevated feeders, food dispensers and food storage solutions. The Healthy Elevated Feeder with Ergoflo™ bowls offer a luxurious design that complements any home décor as well as allowing your pet to eat in a more ergonomic position for better digestion. Your pet food will stay fresh and tidy with the stackable Smart Storage™ containers.

All of our travel items have you, your pet and your vehicle in mind. Whether it is a walk around the neighborhood, a day at the lake or a trip just down the road, Bergan™ seat protectors keep your vehicle clean and protected from dirty paws or messy kids. Your pet’s safety is also top priority and we encourage all responsible pet owners to secure their pets while traveling in a vehicle. This can be accomplished by using our Pet Safety Harness or the Comfort Carrier™ which can be secured safely using the seatbelt.

So, stay active; we will keep designing products to make it easier to take your pets with you! As we say here...