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Bergan Pet Safety Harness

The Dangers Are Real

Americans and their pets are senselessly injured or killed in accidents because they are not informed or neglect to utilize pet travel harness. Every year, 30,000 accidents are caused by dogs in the front seat. Every 18 minutes an accident occurs due to a loose pet in a vehicle.

Product Quality Matters

Most harnesses sold today fail to withstand even 10% of forces generated in sudden stops or accidents. No standards or accountability for product quality and minimum durability requirements. Consequently unsafe travel harnesses are sold every day. Support ALL responsible manufacturers like Bergan who adopt the V9DT durability standard. Look for harnesses with the V9DT standards.

We Can’t Do It Without You

Please pledge and spread the word. Inform your loved ones, family and friends. The simple act of harnessing a pet can make save your pets, children and vehicle occupants from needless injury or accidents.