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together, we continue to make a difference.
Our mission is to raise the quality of life for pets and the people who love and need them. Every day, we're thankful for the companies, products and people who not only share our passion and values and keep making a difference through their own actions. Through your support of the Petco Foundation and by purchasing these brands at Petco, we're all able to do more for pets and people than we ever thought possible. It's inspiring. It's a true team effort. And whether you donate, adopt a new companion or simply make a choice to purchase a healthier product for your pet, together we're helping make the world a better place.
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together we can
together we can
petco foundation
Together we WILL save more lives.
The Petco Foundation is one of our nation's largest funders of animal welfare causes. Supporting many different types of organizations that provide care and save animals lives, we believe together we can achieve extraordinary things and save more lives.
We invite you to watch the videos from a few of the live saving organizations we support. We have an expectation that animal welfare organizations continually endeavour to achieve a high standard of effectiveness and are determined to save as many animals as possible with our investment.
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together we can
think adoption first.
Together we can find forever homes for every pet.
Petco is committed to raising awareness of our Think Adoption First® philosophy, which encourages people to consider adopting a pet rather than purchasing one. Our goal is to reduce the number of adoptable pets being euthanized, and increase the number pets being placed into forever homes. The Think Adoption First philosophy is supported in Petco's stores every day by offering our customers the option to adopt. Customers can find their new family member through Petco's in-store events, including Petco's National Adoption Weekends, which entails prominently promoted adoption events in every store across the country, and stationary adoptions located in several Petco location stores nationwide.
We invite you to meet Mandy and Beau, just a few of the many pets who have found forever homes through our program:
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together we can
Think Adoption First
1% back
Preserving a healthy environment together.
Petco is committed to offering saltwater life that is either aquacultured or collected through practices dedicated to the sustainability of animals and environments. Aquacultured fish are born, bred and raised solely in an aquarium environment without any disruption to our oceans. Aquacultured corals are reproduced from other corals and grown in an aquarium environment or at carefully selected, responsibly maintained ocean sites. Aquacultured corals are never taken from coral reefs. Nearly all of the saltwater species and most corals in our stores are aquacultured. Petco donates 1% of all marine aquatic life sales to aquaculture research and development initiative.
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together we can
1% back
Enhancing the human animal bond
The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation is a non-profit research and education organization that is gathering, funding and sharing the scientific research that demonstrates the positive health impacts of animals on people.
We serve as a rallying point and central hub for individuals, organizations and companies that share the common goal of enhancing broad understanding, education and adoption of the human animal bond as a beneficial factor in human and animal health. Together, we advocate for the public policies that will bring the benefits of animals to more people in our communities.
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Helping Heroes
Joining forces for four-legged heroes.
Canine companions have been making our lives better for centuries. They are true heroes for the many people who rely on them to assist the homeless, jobless, disabled and more. Our animal companions' willingness and capacity to improve our lives is limited only by our imagination and support. To create awareness and raise funds needed for this remarkable journey to continue, the Petco Foundation and Natural Balance are partners in the Helping Heroes campaign. Through this partnership, Petco stores have raised almost $5 million over the past five years for service dog awareness and guide dog programs.
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together we can
Helping Heroes
A healthier today for a longer tomorrow.®
CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company is proud to make natural dog and cat food that helps improve the lives of pets through healthy, balanced nutrition, but their commitment to healthier pets doesn't stop at the dinner bowl. Just like Petco's passion for healthy pets, families and homes, the CANIDAE Foundation proudly supports various outdoor events that bring people and their pets together. They also support rescues and shelters by donating products to organizations that help pets in need. Together we can help all pets and pet parents—as well as all animals still looking for their forever homes—live long and healthy lives.
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Solid Gold
Teaming up with humans to heal.
Through great nutrition, we change the lives of pets and believe that our pets change the lives of others, too. Solid Gold, makers of holistic pet food, supports the Warrior Canine Connection (WCC), a national non-profit organization designed to help wounded veterans recover and heal through a service dog training program. The program has helped thousands of combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Disorder (TBI). Using clinically based Canine Connection Therapy, recovering veterans train service dogs that help veterans better adapt with their disabilities and reconnect with life, their families, communities and fellow veterans.
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Solid Gold
Solid Gold
Nourishing relationships between pets and people.
Hill's is as committed to providing a healthy home and family as they are committed to making quality food for pets. That's why they partner with over 800 U.S. shelters to provide balanced nutrition that feeds over 100,000 homeless pets every day of the year through the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love™ program. Since 2002, they've provided over $275 million worth of food to animal shelters in all 50 states. This has helped over 7 million pets—and counting—find happy homes. That's the power of nurturing relationships through nourishing food.
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together we can
Hills Food Shelter Love
Royal Canin
A healthy partnership for a better world.
As a leader in pet nutrition, Royal Canin is committed to improving the lives of cats and dogs in every way. Their "Pet First" philosophy focuses on the well-being and quality of life for cats and dogs with formulated diets to address their needs based on age, size, lifestyle or breed. Royal Canin helps raise the quality of life for pets in need through community outreach and partnering with Petco. Together we can create a better world for our pets.
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Royal Canin
Royal Canin
Ingredients for a perfect partnership.
Merrick Pet Care, a leader in natural and organic pet nutrition, provides all the meals for each resident pet at PAWS Chicago and PAWS Chicago North Shore within Petco (projected to open mid-2014). From their first meal until adoption day, each PAWS pet enjoys healthy recipes made in Merrick's kitchens with regionally sourced USDA-inspected deboned meat, fresh produce and high-quality protein. And, Merrick uses no ingredients from China.
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Merrick Paws Chicago
Uncommon commitment to the common good.
Ellen DeGeneres' natural pet food company, Halo, Purely for Pets®, is an exclusive Petco partner with a simple corporate commitment: "Be Good, Do Good." That commitment to "Be Good" is reflected in the products, ingredients and guaranteed positive impact on your pet. The commitment to "Do Good" is reflected in feeding it forward to less fortunate pets by donating over 1.5 million meals to shelter pets every year and by donating at least five times the national corporate giving average. One hundred percent of every donation to the Halo Pet Foundation is granted to animal welfare groups.
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Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue
Another partner to the rescue.
Small rescue groups play a major role in providing care and finding homes for rescued pets. However, they are often unheard and unseen. Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue is committed to helping these groups get the funding, awareness and support they need. They assist hundreds of small rescue groups across the country by providing them with financial support, marketing materials, networking opportunities, and the strength and nourishment of high-quality Purina Pro Plan nutrition. Since 2005, the Rally to Rescue network of rescue groups has found homes for more than 650,000 pets.
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Pro Plan Rally to Rescue
Wellness WellPet Foundation
Healthier, happier and longer lives
Wellness is committed to giving back to the world we all share with our pets. Through the WellPet Foundation, they support organizations and activities that promote the power of natural nutrition and the benefits of healthy and active lifestyles. Through the WellPet Foundation, Wellness financially supports non-profit organizations that encourage healthy lifestyles for pets through research, education and action. Along with national programs, our partners are passionate about helping locally. The majority of our charitable and sponsorship activity takes place in the local communities where our partners live, work and share with their pets.
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Wellness WellPet
Bio Spot Active Care - HALO Animal Rescue
A shared mission to give pets a chance
Bio Spot Active Care donates much-needed flea & tick control supplies to shelters around the country, including HALO Animal Rescue, Arizona's largest no-kill animal shelter. HALO is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats through adoption, sterilization and educating the community. Serving Maricopa County, which has the second largest homeless pet population in the United States, HALO protects thousands of homeless dogs and cats that might otherwise be destroyed for reasons such as a treatable injury, illness or simply for being too scared or too young to be adopted when they arrive at the shelter. In 2013, HALO rescued, cared for and facilitated adoptions for over 7,000 dogs and cats.
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Bio Spot HALO
Protecting pets with our homes and beyond.
The Kaytee Avian Foundation's mission is to enhance people's knowledge and enjoyment of birds through education, conservation and research. The more we know about birds, the better we can care for them in our homes, backyards and natural habitats. The Kaytee Avian Foundation has donated over $1 million to charitable causes throughout the world, including the purchase of 18,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest to protect the natural habitat of the Hyacinth Macaw. The area is now a safe, protected habitat where locals act as guides—as opposed to poachers—in the flourishing eco-tourism trade.
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