what's on your summer play list?
play around.
create a catio.
create a catio.
Play cat and mouse games – Reinforce your cat's natural instincts by stocking their catio with toys that let them stalk, chase and pounce.
Quench their thirst – Hydration is always important, especially outdoors. Offer them a continuous supply of fresh, clean water with a gravity waterer.
Bug off – Before they can enjoy their safe outdoor space, try
Pet Balance Triple Guard. It kills fleas and ticks, and protects against mosquitoes.
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teach a new trick.
On target – Try "target training" with your dog or cat and teach them to do fun tricks like "turn off the lights," "pick up an object" or "wave hello."
Good dog – Anyone who's trained a pet knows that the treat is key. Zuke's training treats are the perfect size and have only 3.5 calories apiece.
Fun and games – Training can be fun. Use a KONG toy stuffed with treats to make learning new tricks a rewarding and engaging experience.
School's cool – The best way to train your dog is by registering for a Petco Positive Dog Training Class. You'll be surprised at how quickly your pet learns.
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teach a new trick
Always supervise your pet during play and suggested activities. Health and safety precautions should be taken into consideration for all activities. Always use safe handling practices for your pet. Please see petco.com for further information and resources.
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