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what's on your summer play list?
get crafty.
grow catnip.
Planting time – You can start growing your homegrown catnip and cat grass from a live plant or from seeds.
Fun & games – Specially designed cat toys allow you to add catnip for maximum fun.
Natural instincts – Add catnip to cat scratchers and encourage natural scratching behavior. Plus, it’s great exercise.
watch a cat's love of catnip
design your reptile's dream habitat.
Ground floor – Create a native environment from the ground up. A variety of bedding and substrates are available to suit your reptile’s specific needs.
Extra touch – Combine standard bedding with natural accents like lichen to create a realistic look and feel similar to what reptiles enjoy in the wild.
Accessorize – Accessories like the Exo-Terra Jungle Vine give your reptile new ways to interact with their environment and with you.
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design your reptile's dream habitat.
Always supervise your pet during play and suggested activities. Health and safety precautions should be taken into consideration for all activities. Always use safe handling practices for your pet. Please see for further information and resources.
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