what's on your summer play list?
pamper yourselves.
take a cat nap.
take a cat nap.
Snug as a bug – A good nap starts with a soft and comfy spot to rest their head. Maximize your snuggle time with a cozy cat blanket or plush dog bed.
Soft and snuggly – Remember that favorite teddy bear you had as a kid? Give them soft plush toys that are fun to cuddle.
No bed bugs – Keep naps from turning itchy with Natural Defense all-natural pest control that's safe to use around children.
cozy nap tips
plan a spa day.
DIY beauty – Try a tearless, waterless dry shampoo to reduce dander and keep your pet clean between salon visits.
The right supplies – Keep your pet looking and feeling their best with natural grooming products from brands like Burt’s Bees.
Professional pampering – A visit to the Grooming Salon can include a blueberry-scented doggie facial, nail polish, paw balm and more.
Tasty treats – For a perfect end to a perfect day, pamper your pet’s taste buds with indulgent gourmet treats.
summer grooming tips
plan a spa day.
Always supervise your pet during play and suggested activities. Health and safety precautions should be taken into consideration for all activities. Always use safe handling practices for your pet. Please see petco.com for further information and resources.
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