what's on your summer play list?
celebrate and stay safe.
be cool.
be cool.
Calming chews – The time-release formula in chewable calming aids may help reduce stress and tension caused by loud noises.
Wearable solution – For a medication-free solution to anxiety, try a Thundershirt. They provide gentle, constant pressure for a noticeable calming effect on your pet.
Safe space – A crate or kennel can help pets feel secure by giving them a cozy den where they can retreat from stressful situations.
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stick together.
ID me – Make sure your pet’s tags are up to date. ID tags purchased at Petco are engraved for free at the time of purchase.
Microchipping – For a safe and permanent form of identification, have your pet microchipped. Visit a Petco Wellness Clinic or ask your veterinarian for more information.
tips to find lost pets.
stick together.
Always supervise your pet during play and suggested activities. Health and safety precautions should be taken into consideration for all activities. Always use safe handling practices for your pet. Please see petco.com for further information and resources.
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