what's on your summer play list?
explore nature.
take a hike.
take a hike.
Comfort is key – An easily adjustable mesh harness takes
the pressure off your pet's neck, making each step more comfortable.
Stay hydrated – Collapsible travel bowls can clip to your
belt or backpack for maximum portability. Some, like Handi-Drink, won't spill or leak.
Energize – Fuel up with a nutritious on-the-go snack from Dogsbar. Plus, for every bar sold, they donate one to a dog in
Banish bugs – A complete pest control product like Bayer Advantix kills fleas and ticks and protects against mosquitoes and biting flies—even after a swim.
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go camping.
Take a load off – Let your dog carry their own water, treats, pick-up bags and more with a lightweight doggie backpack.
Stick together – They'll be tempted to check out what's cooking at the other campsites. Keep your pet from wandering off with a retractable tie-out.
Paws for effect – Rocky terrain and hot asphalt can hurt your dog's paws. Try waterproof dog boots to keep them comfortable and protected.
Stay fresh – Keep your dog's food fresh and safe from bugs and rodents with portable, compact and airtight food and water storage.
outdoor safety tips
go camping.
Always supervise your pet during play and suggested activities. Health and safety precautions should be taken into consideration for all activities. Always use safe handling practices for your pet. Please see petco.com for further information and resources.
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