Purina Pro Plan, the more you give
Feeding Purina® Pro Plan® brand Pet Food is one of the ways you can help your pet have a beautiful life through high-quality nutrition. By serving Pro Plan® with its nutritional extras, like protein from real meat, poultry, or fish, and high levels of antioxidants, you're helping to support your pet's overall health and bolster his or her protective system. But, leading a truly fulfilled life goes beyond the science of nutrition. Purina® Pro Plan® also provides a wide variety of formulas, ingredients, tastes, and textures to appeal to your cat or dog throughout all life stages. Regardless of your pet's age, body condition, or activity level, there's a Pro Plan® product that's perfectly suited for the one who does so much for you.

Purina Pro Plan Products DOG
  • Real meat, poultry or fish is the #1 ingredient
  • Nutritional Extras signify that Pro Plan Dog food meets or exceeds all AFFCO standards
  • Introducing Shredded Blend, combines superior product with performance with a shredded meaty kibble and taste that dogs love
with Nutritional Extras:
  • Real meat, poultry or fish is the #1 ingredient
  • Made with at least 40% protein* to meet the unique needs of cats, who are carnivores
  • High levels of antioxidants for immune system health
  • Rich in Omega fatty acids for radiant skin & coat
*excluding Urinary Tract Health Formula

  • Select in what we use
    • Contains real meat, poultry or fish, wholesome grains, eggs, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes
  • Select in what we don't use
    • Formulated without corn, wheat or soy. Artificial colors, flavors or preservatives