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Introducing nutrition for the Four Universal Needs of Dogs

The Four Universal Needs of Dogs

Your dog’s skin & coat are his first line of defense against dirt, the elements, and other nasty things. So our new recipes have zinc and leading levels of linoleic acid for healthy skin and coat.

4 out of 5 dogs over age three have gum disease,1 which, if left untreated, can contribute to serious health problems. That’s why dogs need a complete oral care routine. Our kibble helps clean teeth down to the gum line. See our patented X-shape kibble.*

Bellies aren't just for rubbing. They're for absorbing nutrients, too. So we have a new blend of fiber in our latest recipes to support a healthy digestive system. And that can help dogs absorb more of the healthy things we pack into every kibble.

No matter how tough your dog seems to be on the outside, his real strength starts on the inside with a healthy immune system. Our enhanced levels of antioxidants work to help keep his defenses strong.

The scientific research behind our best dry food ever.

Dr. Tiffany Bierer on how our new dry food helps dogs.

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* X-shape kibble not available in all varieties.
1 American Veterinary Medical Association