Hear pet parents across the country describe why they love Nature’s Recipe® brand dog food.

My vet recommended Nature’s Recipe® to me ten years ago! I have been feeding it to my dogs ever since.”
Petco Shopper, Harahan, LA

I’m a breeder and I feed all my dogs Nature’s Recipe.® Clients are always commenting on how shiny my dogs’ coats are.”
Petco Shopper, Omaha, NE

“I’ve been feeding my two dogs Nature’s Recipe® since they were pups. Both have a great coat and great skin. They couldn’t be healthier, or happier, dogs. You have a customer for life in me.
Petco Shopper, Aurora, OH

“Nature’s Recipe® is a great dog food—I know, I’ve done the research. But what’s really important is that my dog loves it. She gobbles it up!”
Petco Shopper, Spokane Valley, WA

“My dog is a VERY picky eater. In fact, my dog is worse than my four-year-old. I tried the Grain Free Salmon food, and to my amazement, my dog loved it!”
Petco Shopper, Nashua, NH