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Merrick Kitchen

We didn't set out to redifine pet food. We set out to define it.

Since 1988, this is what has driven us. This belief led us to create the prototype of our first natural treat for dogs, and to the creation of our most popular treat, the Flossie. Not only did the Flossie provide health benefits, but the unique corkscrew shape also helped clean dogs' teeth. This natural treat was the first of its kind, making Merrick the leading manufacturer of natural pet treats. It's a title we still own today.

Staying true to our long-standing tradition of never standing still, in 2003, we developed a line of eight premium wet-pet-food recipes using only the finest ingredients. Beginning with Grammy's Pot Pie, Merrick launched its first groundbreaking recipe. The ingredients included real chicken, red jacket new potatoes, carrots and apples. Since then, we have worked tirelessly in our kitchen to perfect our wet and dry food recipes inspired by the same philosophy as Grammy's Pot Pie. Real meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, void of any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. With more than 65 gourmet options to choose from, it's Merrick's five-star standard.

Merrick takes a simplistic, yet innovative approach during recipe creation. Merrick uses real whole foods that are locally sourced and processed as little as possible in order to retain the natural benefits. We hold true to our five star promises to ensure that our food is of the highest standard. This is how we raise the bar, not just for us, but also for the entire pet food industry. It's Food Worthy of a Fork™.