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Garth with Dog

One man's passion for making the Best Food Ever.

For Garth Merrick, making the Best Food Ever has always been a family affair. In 1988, he founded Merrick Pet Care with his wife, Susie, and their four children at his ranch in Hereford, Texas just outside of Amarillo. All with the goal of making the wholesome, nutritious recipes that pets deserve.

Garth's first offering was the Flossie, a natural dog treat. He brought the treat to industry trade shows, where it found instant success. As orders for Flossies rolled in, Garth set his sights even higher. He would make an all-natural, high-protein dog food using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients he could find. All handcrafted in his own kitchen with no preservatives, no filler and no shortcuts.

Garth's dog food recipes were a hit, and his kitchen became a bigger kitchen. And as his pet food grew in popularity, so did his family in the form of hundreds of Merrick employees proud to make the freshest, most delicious pet food available. Today, they're still working with Garth to fulfill his vision of creating the Best Food Ever, with more than 125 wholesome recipes and counting.

"Our faith, family and country have always been at the core of what our company is about," says Garth. "It was true when we started, and it's still the same today. It's the philosophy that has taken Merrick from excellent to outstanding."

Garth Merrick

Garth Merrick