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Join the Merrick™ Food Revolution

Garth with Dog

What is the definition of a family company?

Well, in my opinion, it certainly includes getting your family and friends involved, and often means bringing it home with you. In my case, I took it a step further. Together with my wife Susie and our four children, we built the Merrick™ Company literally right around our home here in Hereford, Texas.

Over the years we have been blessed with a much bigger family, the hundreds of employees that have helped us grow the Merrick™ Pet Care brand into a national favorite and world class operation. Our mission has been to create the most nutritious and wholesome food that we can to help families take better care of their pets. That clarity of purpose has helped drive us from the beginning.

Today, we begin a journey of going even further. We have spent the last several years reinventing all of our recipes using the latest nutritional research, an exhaustive review of farmers and suppliers, and tons of taste tests with our pets to re-introduce our food in a revolutionary way.

The new Merrick™ Classic and Grain Free lines will delight your pets and help them receive the very best nutritional offering that exists in the marketplace. Our recipes are built off of 5 key promises that become my family's commitment to yours:

#1 LOCAL GROWERS, regional, farm fresh ingredients
#2 REAL WHOLE FOODS, pure, delicious, and nutritious
#3 FROM OUR KITCHEN TO YOURS, cooking and quality under our roof
#4 BALANCED NUTRITION, higher in quality protein
#5 HEALTH YOU CAN SEE™, proof you are what you eat

We are excited about the changes and passionate about doing our best everyday. You have my word.

Garth Merrick

Garth Merrick