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Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Higher in quality protein

Dogs thrive on quality protein and healthy fats, which is why every Merrick recipe starts with deboned meat as the first component. In our dry recipes, meat with high levels of protein is the first, second and third ingredients used.

Merrick believes that food is fuel, not filler. To balance our dry nutrition, the dry recipes lead with 60-70% meat, poultry and fish ingredients. After cooking, each bowl has 30-38% guaranteed levels of protein. Then we add the exact amount of vegetables, whole grains and fruits required to give dogs more of what they need. We also have foods that do not contain grain for dogs that have food allergies and sensitivities. Our Grain Free recipes contain high levels of protein sources, such as buffalo, duck and pork. None of our canned wet recipes have grain.

Merrick's balanced recipes ensure that pets will enjoy every second of their dinner.