Pet owners, veterinarians and animal shelter workers across the country are reporting remarkable Science Diet®experiences. Browse transformation stories below and discover what our foods can do for your pet.
Science Diet pet food helped our German Shepherd Max survive after a trying ordeal. It helped more than double his weight within a few weeks and after four months he was a new dog strong and healthy. That's a stunning improvement from the day Max was found on the street. He was severely underweight and could barley stand. Even though he was an adult dog, he was in such bad shape that shelter workers fed him Science Diet Puppy food as their best shot at restoring his health. Max's recovery inspired a special fund for treatment of strays. Now they have a better chance of survival thanks to his will to live, the loving care that breathed new life into him. And the Science Diet pet food that made him the dog he was meant to be.
The Solomons, Baldwin City, KS
Science Diet pet food transformed Clinton. This sweet, homeless cat gained nearly 1.5 pounds within a month of showing up at our shelter in poor condition and weighing just over 7 pounds. The right nutrition was critical in his recovery and continuing on Science Diet cat food helped make a tremendous difference after he left the shelter. Clinton's foster home reported additional healthy weight gain and a renewed spirit ready for adoption. Now when you throw balls of paper in the air he jumps his highest to catch them!
Potter League for Animals, Middletown, RI
Science Diet pet food allowed my kitten to develop properly and turned her into a beautiful cat. The food's most noticeable benefit is plain to see: Jasmine's coat is now thick and black instead of thin and gray. That's a big achievement considering she didn't get off to a good start in life. Jasmine was just four months old and weighed less than two pounds when I locked eyes with her at a local animal shelter. I simply couldn't fight an overwhelming urge to take her in and nurse her. Over the following year, Jasmine grew into a healthy, happy adult cat. My love and devotion for her made it all possible and Science Diet Kitten food was a big help.
Christy, Jefferson City, MO
It took just one month for the shelter and Science Diet to give Norm new life. His coat went from thin and brittle to thick and shiny. He got over his stomach issues and transformed into a muscular ball of energy. Shelter volunteers and the nutrition of Science Diet literally changed his life.
Dan & Alexandra, Washington, DC
Bella is alive today thanks to outstanding veterinary care and a powerful food. When Bella arrived at our shelter, she was so underweight we thought she was a kitten. After two months of Science Diet, she was back to a healthy weight. A minor miracle? Maybe. But I know love and nutrition go a long way.
Genowefa, Volunteer, Washington Animal Rescue League
Washington, DC