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Browse Freshpet foods for dogs and cats
Healthy recipes of meat & veggies so fresh,
the only preservative we use is the fridge.
  • Naturally Fresh
    Made of fresh meat and poultry with vitamin-rich
    fruits and vegetables
  • No Preservatives
    All natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives
  • Pasteurized
    Minimally processed and refrigerated for freshness
Grain-Free Recipes
  • Made of 80% or more fresh poultry, meat or fish
  • With added dark berries and leafy greens
  • Never any wheat, corn, soy or fillers
Simple, Nutritious Foods
  • Made of high-quality proteins, vegetables
    and whole-grain brown rice
  • Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to help promote overall health
  • With prebiotics to aid in the absorption of nutrients
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