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Contains fipronil, the same active ingredient found in Frontline® brand products!*

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SENTRY® Fiproguard Topical Treatments

Superior pet protection, and then some!
SENTRY® Fiproguard products provide a trusted, effective way to fight fleas and ticks with the same veterinarian-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, as Frontline® brand products.*

But with Fiproguard® products, you get more.
Fiproguard MAX maximizes the power of fipronil by combining it with a second active ingredient. The results: fast action and all-month-long effectiveness. In fact, test results show that Fiproguard® MAX for dogs kills even faster than Frontline® Plus for dogs!*

Fiproguard is a generic equivalent of Frontline® Top Spot®. It provides the same protection but costs much less.*

Maximize the power of fipronil!*

Combines fipronil, the active ingredient proven by Frontline® products to be extremely effective in killing pests, plus a second active ingredient to boost effectiveness. The combination of active ingredients in SENTRY® Fiproguard MAX actually kill faster than Frontline® Plus.*

Works so fast, it prevents reinfestation by fleas, ticks and chewing lice. It also reduces the pet’s exposure to flea bites, the leading cause of flea allergy dermatitis and flea bite anemia.

Available over-the-counter at your local Petco or online at at an affordable price.

At last! A generic equivalent of Frontline® Top Spot®

Same veterinarian-recommended active ingredient as Frontline® Top Spot®.* The active ingredient has been used successfully for many years and has proven to be extremely effective in killing pests.

Same great benefits as Frontline® Top Spot® but at a lower cost.*

Same fast-acting, long-lasting protection against pests as Frontline® Top Spot®.*