Petco's commitment to marine aquatic life
  • our commitment:

    Petco is committed to offering saltwater life that is either aquacultured or collected through practices that include careful attention to the sustainability of both the animals and the marine environments where they live.

    Most of the saltwater fish sold world-wide today are collected from the wild. Our long-term goal is to offer only aquacultured
    saltwater aquatic life. Today, more than 95% of the aquatic life
    we offer – including nearly all the freshwater fish and all of
    the corals and liverock – is aquacultured using environmentally responsible practices.

  • what does aquacultured mean?
    • Aquacultured fish are bred, born and raised in an aquarium environment.
    • Aquacultured corals are reproduced from other corals using environmentally responsible practices.
    • Aquacultured live rock (rock with beneficial algae) is produced using environmentally responsible practices.
    • No aquacultured corals or live rock are taken from coral reefs or oceans, in keeping with our commitment to their preservation.
  • why not offer only aquacultured aquatic life?
    • Most saltwater species have not been successfully raised using aquaculture practices, though our efforts continue to achieve this goal.
  • why is aquaculture better than collecting from the oceans?
    • Aquacultured aquatic life helps preserve the population of natural aquatic life, in keeping with our commitment to the sustainability of both the animals and the habitats where they live.
    • Aquacultured fish are better suited for home aquariums because they are bred, born and raised in aquarium environments.
    • Aquacultured aquatic life does not experience the added stress or other risks that can occur when collecting marine life from the oceans.
    • Aquacultured aquatic life supports the sustainability of many species and their natural environments.
  • actions we're taking to support our commitment:
    • Partnering with industry leaders, third-party industry experts and Non-Governmental Organizations to set strict standards to ensure we only do business with those who engage in responsible collection and transportation practices.
    • Advancing marine aquaculture by supporting sustainability initiatives and educating our customers and the general public on these environmentally responsible practices.
    • Donating 1% of marine aquatic life sales to support aquaculture initiatives.
    • Leading the aquatics industry by challenging all participants to support our efforts in achieving our long-term goal to offer only aquacultured saltwater aquatic life.