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Indoor or outdoor access. Long hair or short. Young or old. Cats vary greatly in their physical features and lifestyles. Which is why when it comes to cat nutrition, one kibble does not fit all. From reducing hairballs to improving oral hygiene, Royal Canin understands cat breeds and needs.

Royal Canin has two formulas designed especially for the needs of the growing kitten.

Maine Coons, Persians and Siamese are characteristic of certain breed types, each requiring dramatically different diets to address significantly different nutritional requirements. Royal Canin understands these breeds and has developed formulas specific to their unique needs.

Did you know that to feed your cat correctly, you must first stimulate her appetite? It is the smell and texture of the food, rather than its taste, that makes her decide whether to eat. Whether you need a solution for a finicky appetite, digestive problems, oral & dental sensitivity or skin and coat problems, Royal Canin provides nutritional answers for the special needs of cats with sensitivities.

Cats living exclusively indoors spend more time eating and sleeping than taking any form of exercise. Therefore, the indoor cat has only moderate energy needs. Royal Canin was the first company to develop a diet specifically for the indoor cat, and offers a range of formulas created for the particular needs of the indoor cat.

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