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Petco Foundation National Spay / Neuter Drive - photo courtesy Alicia Anthony

Pet overpopulation is one of the biggest problems facing companion animals and animal welfare organizations nationwide.

Every year in the United States, 3 - 4 million homeless dogs and cats are needlessly put to death - that is one about every 8 seconds.

Spaying and neutering is the #1 way to prevent pet euthanasia and reduce pet overpopulation. Spaying and neutering not only reduces the number of dogs and cats killed, it helps animals to live longer and healthier lives by eliminating or reducing many of the health and behavior issues that result in so many animals being relinquished to shelters.

Each year, Petco and the Petco Foundation do their part to fund thousands of spay/neuter surgeries during the Petco Foundation's annual National Spay and Neuter Drive.

All proceeds benefit local spay/neuter focused animal welfare organizations that help prevent the births of unwanted puppies and kittens and save the lives of homeless animals in the communities that Petco shares.

A huge thank you to Royal Canin who is sponsoring this fundraiser so that every dollar you donate will go to help pets in need.

Did You Know?

  • Sterilization of your cat or dog will increase their chance of a longer and healthier life. Altering your canine friend will increase his life an average of 1 to 3 years; It can add even more years, 3 to 5, to your cat's life. Altered animals have a very low to no risk of mammary gland tumors/cancer, prostate cancer, perianal tumors, pyometria, and uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers.

  • Spaying and neutering helps to reduce companion animal overpopulation. That overpopulation is in the millions in the United States, leading to euthanasia or disregard of the animals' suffering. Cats are 45 times more prolific than humans; for dogs, the number is 15.

  • Sterilizing your cat or dog makes them a better pet, reducing their urge to roam and decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as they roam. Surveys indicate that as many as 85 percent of dogs hit by cars are unaltered. Intact male cats living outside have been shown to live on average less than two years. Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome is spread by bites and intact cats fight a great deal more than altered cats.
    - The American Veterinary Medical Association