Donate your Car, Boat, Plane...

Did you know you can donate your Car, Boat, RV, Truck, Semi-tractor, Airplane or Motorcycle and Help Save Animals? (

Donate your car

CALL 888 99-Petco /
888 997-3826 or fill out our on line form TODAY!

Recycle Your Cell Phone

Recycle your old cell phone and provide lifesaving vaccinations for homeless pets.

Recycle your cell phone

You're not using it anyway, right?

Download a free mailing label now (

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Your donation will save lives! Save a life today.

Petco Foundation Cell Phone Donation

Your used phone will make a difference! Proceeds from donated phones go directly to the animals that need you. Thank you to our friends at Sprint for this program.

Shipping Instructions:

  1. Place used phones and accessories in an envelope or small box. (If battery is not attached to phone, place tape over terminal ends.)
  2. Affix postage-paid mailing label to package.
  3. Seal package and place in mailbox.