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Adoption Success Stories
View a special video about Petco’s Think Adoption First program, featuring interviews of pet parents who successfully adopted current family members.
Dog Videos
Adopting The Right Dog For You

Here are some great tips on dog adoption and how to find the right dog for you and your family.
Introducing Dogs

Introducing your new family member to other dogs is an important first step. Here are some helpful ideas when introducing dogs to one another.
Benefits of Adopting An
Older Dog

There are many benefits to adopting an older dog. This video highlights just some of them!
Puppy Socialization

Ever wonder how to get your new puppy used to other people, animals and environments? This short video will help you and your puppy to socialize with other pets.
Preparing Your Home For
A Puppy

Getting your home ready for a new puppy is very important. Here are some helpful steps to ensure your home is safe for your new puppy!
cat videos
Adopting The Right Cat For You

Here are some great tips on cat adoption and how to find the right cat for you and your family.
Litterbox Training and Solutions

Great tips on how to set your cat up for litterbox success!
Introducting Cats

These trainer tips will help prepare you when you introduce your cat to your new pet.
Bringing a Cat Home

This short video will give you great ideas on how to bring your new cat home safely.
public service announcements
Volunteering with Shelter Dogs
From one shelter dog to you... on how just a little bit of your time can make a big difference to shelter dogs.
Volunteering with Shelter Cats
A special message from an adopted cat "Pearl" that highlights the impact volunteers have on shelter animals' lives.
Spay and Neutering
Hear what two kitty cats have to say about spaying and neutering!