Pet Adoptions
Think Adoption First®
It's a great way to add to the pet family!
By thinking adoption first, Petco and the Petco Foundation are helping find homes for thousands of pets in need every month.
Our Goals:
  • Increase the number of pets adopted into loving homes
  • Decrease pet euthanasia
  • Encourage pet parents to consider adopting before purchasing a pet of any kind
How We Help:
  • In-store adoption events
  • Our Think Adoption First Care & Savings Program
  • In-store advice & online pet care help
Benefits of Being a Petco Foundation Partner
National Awareness
Petco is committed to raising awareness of our Think Adoption First® philosophy, which encourages people to consider adopting a pet rather than purchasing one. The Think Adoption First philosophy is supported in Petco's national monthly advertising and in-store events, including Petco's National Adoption Weekends, which entail prominently promoted adoption events in every store across the country.
Financial and Educational Support
The Petco Foundation and Petco host several cause and fundraising campaigns in Petco stores and online throughout the year that benefit partner organizations throughout the country. Educational workshops and resources are also available for partner organizations. Learn more about annual fundraising events, education resources and apply for Petco Foundation grant programs.
Dedicated Support Team
Your partnership is important to us! If you have any questions about becoming an approved adoption partner, please feel free to contact us at
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