Pals Rewards FAQs

How does the Pals Rewards program work?

For every $100 you spend at Petco and on in one or more purchases, you will earn 5 Pals Reward Dollars.

How do I get credit for my purchases?

Always provide your Pals Rewards number or phone number at the register during checkout.

How will Petco know when I have spent $100?

All your eligible purchases will be tracked to your member account. You can check your balance anytime by signing in to your account at or Once you have spent $100, Petco will automatically email you 5 Pals Reward Dollars.

What if I spend $200 at once?

You will receive two (2) 5 Pals Reward Dollars certificates via email.

What if I didn’t provide an email address when I enrolled?

You can track your Pals Rewards status and claim Reward Dollars by signing into your online account at or Once signed in, you can also update your profile including providing an email address, so you can receive future Reward Dollars via email and use them immediately.

Will you give my email address to anyone else?

No. Your email address will only be used by Petco. We will not sell, rent or trade your email address.

If I spent $100 today, can I use my Pals Reward Dollars on my current purchase?

Pals Reward Dollars are sent via email after you make a purchase for you to use on a later visit. They can’t be used on same-day purchases.

What if I have specific questions about my Pals Rewards membership?

Please contact our Customer Relations at 888-824-PALS (7257).