LM Farms Nutrition Boosters naturally improve pet food. Just sprinkle on - omega oils, probiotics, prebiotics and more - for healthy, thriving pets. It's the natural way to better nutrition. Pets have unique nutritional requirements which are often not being fulfilled by conventional foods. Different lifestages, breeds and different activity levels also need customized nutrition. Heating and over processing pet food destroys its essential balance of nutrients. Sprinkling easy-mix LM Farms Nutrition Boosters right on top of your pet's meal replaces them… and adds more.

Our entire line of cold-processed omega fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics adds the perfect balance of natural nutritional essentials. Our recipes are veterinarian-formulated with farm-fresh ingredients like flaxseed and sunflower seed - with NO fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives - and are also free from genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).