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Professional Grooms or Baths
Full-service Groom
Includes a 15-minute brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, bath with natural shampoo, blow-dry, haircut and spritz. Add a Spa Works package to your dog's Groom for extra pampering. Packages vary by month.
Full-service Bath
Includes a 15-minute brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, bath with natural shampoo, blow-dry and spritz. Add a Spa Works package to your dog's Bath for extra pampering. Packages vary by month.
Puppy's First Bath
Available for puppies ages six months or younger, up to 40 lbs. Ask about an upgrade to our Puppy Works special.
Mini Make Rover
Keep your dog looking sharp between Full-service Grooms with a 15-minute brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning, toothbrushing, spritz and bow.
Pick 3 Spa Experience 
First, pick your favorite scented shampoo and spritz.
Then, pick three additional spa treatments:
  • Silky Show conditioner
  • Luxury remoisturizer
  • Spa conditioner
  • Degreaser
  • Breath Refresh Service
  • Nail polish
  • Doggie facial - blueberry-scented
  • Paw Spa - vanilla-scented
  • Paw Crème
  • Extra brushing
Consult with one of our professional stylists for a personalized recommendation for your dog.
Solutions Services 
Flea Relief
Protect your dog with your choice of a naturally medicated or flea shampoo, moisturizing coat conditioner and spritz.
Shedless Treatment
Includes FURminator loose undercoat removal, natural shed-reducing shampoo and treatment, followed by another thorough FURminator brush-out and aloe hydrating treatment.
Breath Refresh Service
We'll use natural fresh breath products that help fight periodontal disease, prevent bad breath and remove plaque and tartar
Dry Skin & Coat
Exfoliating and Hydrating Treatment
We'll banish dry, flaky skin with a natural aloe oat bath, aloe hydrating spray and soothing paw balm massage, plus your choice of a hot oil treatment or Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath.
Pampered Pet
This rejuvenating service works to hydrate your pet's skin & coat, restoring the shiny, healthy look. You can choose Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath or oil treatment.
Oily Skin & Coat
Natural Medicated Shampoo
We'll clean, moisturize and soothe your dog’s oily skin with naturally medicated shampoos that help remove excess oils and promote a healthier coat.
Doggie facial - blueberry-scented
This luxurious service effectively removes dirt and unsightly tear and mouth stains with natural exfoliation. Includes a gentle foaming facial cleanser to soothe and hydrate for immediately visible results.
Perfect Paws
Posh Paws
Trims and smoothes nails, moisturizes cracked paws, helps heal calluses, strengthens brittle nails and includes your choice of nail polish.
Paw Spa
Includes soothing Vanilla Spa Treatment with enriched conditioner to help heal damaged paws, soothe irritated nail bed, and soften cracked and callused pads, elbows and joints.
Nails Plus Package
Includes nail trim, paw hair trim and application of soothing natural paw balm to pads and nails.
All Ears
Natural Ear Care
Includes gentle ear cleaning using natural products.
Nail and Ears Package
Includes nail trim, ear cleaning and ear hair.
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